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ECC statement on complaints period (Sept. 21)

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Source: ECC

Kabul City 21 September 2010

Polling complaints period drawing to an end

The Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC) has today reminded the public that it requires sufficient evidence in order to investigate an alleged electoral irregularity fully and accurately. It has therefore called upon anyone who has evidence of an alleged electoral offence to lay a formal complaint.

The ECC asked for the cooperation of the media in reminding the public that today is the last day on which the Provincial Electoral Complaints Commissions (PECCs) and the ECC will accept complaints regarding events which occurred on Election Day. If, however, a complainant did not witness the event personally but came to hear of it later, a complaint may be filed within three days of the complainant learning of the incident. In exceptional cases the ECC may waive the three-day deadline.

Anyone or any organisation with a legitimate interest alleging that an electoral of- fence has been committed may file a complaint with a PECC or the ECC. Complaints, which must be in writing, may be filed at any IEC office, any PECC office or at the central office of the ECC. The ECC or a PECC may also investigate cases on its own initiative.
It should be emphasised that the identities of complainants are treated as confidential.

Electoral Complaints Commission
Shashdarak Koche Afghanhaa, Opposite Setara High School
Kabul, Afghanistan

For further information please visit
If questions remain, contact ECC Public Outreach – 079 834 0174/0131 –

Written by namfrel

September 22, 2010 at 12:24 am

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