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NAMFREL urges COMELEC to finish count

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The National Citizens Movement for Free Elections (NAMFREL) expresses its concern over the slowdown of the vote count and urges the COMELEC to complete the count. The count has been at a virtual standstill at slightly over 90% of the Election Returns tabulated by COMELEC and PPCRV servers, up marginally from 89% last Wednesday, May 12. The remaining Election Returns represent 7,500 PCOS machines and an estimated 4.9 million votes. The 7,500 PCOS machines have not transmitted results or have bogged down in its operations. For those which have failed to transmit results, their election returns should immediately be collected and tabulated since at least eight copies of the returns may have been printed already. For the rest of the machines, COMELEC and Smartmatic must immediately make a report to the public as to the status and locations of these PCOS machines and the steps being undertaken to count the remaining uncounted ballots.

At the same time, COMELEC and Smartmatic must make a report to the public on the use of the spare PCOS machines as well as a complete inventory of all CF cards, including those recalled and replaced or reconfigured. COMELEC must also not destroy any of the CF cards nor delete records from the canvassing process so that all files can be properly analyzed.

The vote counting and canvassing remains unfinished business which must be completed at the soonest possible time in a manner which reflects the true will of the people.

Download the statement HERE

Written by namfrel

May 19, 2010 at 4:56 pm

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