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Bantay ng Bayan Statement, March 18, 2010 – An election we can believe in

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March 18, 2010
53 days before Election Day

We admire the COMELEC for its courage and determination in anticipating total success of the automated elections in May 2010. Indications however show that it is dangerous and reckless for the COMELEC to assume it can achieve 100% automated elections throughout the country, because many factors impinge on the automation process: eg power, telecommunications, transportation, reliability of outsourced or contracted services, etc.

NAMFREL-CBCP-NASSA enjoins the COMELEC to prepare and release guidelines to all its BEI members, the watchers, and the public on what steps shall be taken in case automation does not work in certain precincts on Election Day. Our respect for the COMELEC will increase if it shows readiness and preparedness to handle all likely
scenarios pre- and post election, but most of all on Election Day. Its credibility will be damaged and its lack of vision will become obvious if it insists on implementing 100% automation and not prepare for other likely outcomes.

COMELEC must take pains to communicate these to those who seek its response. Many watchdogs have the best intentions to help because every right thinking Filipino realizes the high stakes of this election. Constructive suggestion from NAMFREL must be welcome because it has the expertise, integrity and reputation in working out truly honest elections. For all the billions the country is investing in this election and the unspeakable consequences of its failure, the COMELEC owes it to the Filipino people to work hard to earn their trust and deliver to them an election they can believe in.

Download the statement HERE

Written by namfrel

March 18, 2010 at 2:23 pm

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