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Mr. Albert Oasan and Mr. Lester Toribio of NAMFREL participated in a voters education symposium at the University of the East on January 18, attended by about 200 Political Science and Legal Management students and faculty.

Concerns raised by the students during the symposium include the scenario of having failure of election and a possible back-up plan of the Comelec. The representative from the Comelec who also spoke during the event said in a worst case scenario, the plan is to revert to manual election. A comment was raised by a professor regarding NAMFREL’s presentation, which highlighted vulnerabilities of the system. He said NAMFREL is creating a skeptical or cynical picture of the status quo that instead of encouraging students to participate, they are being discouraged instead. NAMFREL responded that they are showing the harsh reaities and negative conditions to help convince people to action.

Click HERE for more photos.

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January 25, 2010 at 12:09 pm

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